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Bali carving arts have been well-known around the world. With so many manufactures on this island that produced carving products, you will never regret to relay your choice to us. Established in 2004, we have experienced working in the carving industry for 16 years.

Our offer exceptional carving products are made by many talented Balinese artists who inherit the amazing skill and carving knowledge from the ancestors of Bali Carving Creative Art. Our carving history began with the making of natural stone carving during the establishment of sacred temples in Singapadu Village, Bali. During that time, we made the carvings work together with sincerity. The good intention we held at that time resulted in great temples and God Statues that were truly believed by the locals.

Our natural stone carvings are highly demanded. It’s because not only of the beautiful craftsmanship shown in the works but also high-quality materials that make them last longer. We bring in the material from Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. A highland that is famous for the amazing quality of its natural stones.

Tourists both domestic and foreign love our carving products. There are a lot of villas and residences in Bali that use our carvings for decorations. We also receive many orders from other regions in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, and Medan.

Our Bali carvings have been exported to various countries across the world. Our works have arrived in Malaysia, Philippine, Brazil, and Australia. We have approached the European market as well with clients from several countries such as Germany and Holland.

We help you to get customized carving. Just tell us what you want  to make and we will carefully make it for you. A 1 x 1 meter carving usually takes 4 days to make. How long we create the carving highly depends on the complexity of the design requested by the client.

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The Beginning of the birth of the art of natural stone carving

It has a characteristic, one of the characteristics of the art of rock carving is that it has an embossed texture so that it forms a three-dimensional result of the art of carving itself.

Texture in carving can be obtained by carving on the material plane. which will be used as a work of art and also uses elements of color, line, expression that have tactile values.

natural stone texture. Based on the texture and motif, it has various types of textures, such as decorative motifs for temples and regional decorative motifs, each of which has its own character

in the art of natural stone wall decoration taking the theme of cultural traditions or community activities.

Project 1
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wall panel installation

Installation of Wall panels 

The steps in the process of installing natural stone carvings by preparing work tools such as jogja sand powder, or sand dust itself, and white cement, as for other supporting tools such as fisher screws and fox glue

after the material has been prepared, the first step we do is install the scape building and install a wooden pedestal to support the natural stone carving itself, for screw installation we use a drill earlier to make a hole in the wall 

After that we install a fisher in the wall hole and start installing natural stone carvings on the walls. After everything is installed, the steps we take are to repair the joints between the natural stone carvings themselves and also polish the joints so that they look unified. Finally coated with antifungal

.and we’ve done a lot of installation in various places such as villas and residential buildings in Bali. also outside the area. And many have used our services to decorate their interior and exterior.

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