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Mahabarata reliefs have a philosophy of life which is very important in the value of truth. From his words, Krishna derives every act of righteousness. From untruth.                                                    

natural motif wall carving

Nature Envelops Your Home with Natural Motive Garden Wall Reliefs– Do you like a rural atmosphere or the sensation of living close to nature? Take it easy, it can be realized with the concept of a house that has a natural and natural impression. Of course, you need to buy some furniture that is […]

banana leaf terrace wall carving

Feels like Living in Rural Nature with Wall Reliefs of Banana Leaf Houses with Jaka Leaves Combination – Having a residence in a rural area is certainly the dream of almost everyone who is tired of the noise of the city. However, moving to the countryside will certainly require a large cost and also […]

samblung motif wall carving

Minimalist house but still elegant with a natural impression? Can ! Use Samblung ! – Before building a house, you certainly need to choose the concept of the house you want, right? And the furniture that will be used in your residence, of course, must be in accordance with the concept of the dwelling […]

Buddha design natural stone carving

Buddha’s Natural Stone Carved Relief Find Peace Inside Your Home Do you want your home to be filled with a positive aura, give you peace and feel blessed? So take it easy, you can get all these things with a Buddha relief type of furniture. You can place this relief indoors or outdoors. Apart […]

lotus design wall carving

lotus design wall relief

The Beauty of Lotus Gives Life Color – Minimalist Lotus Natural Stone Carving Relief Want to add a work of art in your home? Then this minimalist lotus natural stone carving relief is perfect for you. Lotus is able to give the impression of aesthetics and beauty, which will captivate people’s eyes when they […]