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Three Types of Natural Stone Carving

Three Types

Natural Stone Carvings That Can Beautify a Room Natural stone is often used for building purposes. This is because natural stone is not only sturdy but can also beautify and add to the aesthetic value of a building. Not only that, natural stone is also often carved with various shapes and motifs.

Balinese natural stone carvings may be one of the most popular. This one carving has a traditional impression that is quite strong but does not lose its aesthetic value. Here are some types of Balinese natural stone carvings

Three Types of Natural Stone Carving

Here are some types of carvings from natural stone that you can use to beautify the room.

  1. Balinese Wall Relief

This carving can beautify a room thanks to the beautiful Balinese wall relief. The use of wall paint alone may not be enough to create a strong impression and decorate the room. A wall relief is needed that can create a unique and more beautiful impression. Wall reliefs can be applied to various buildings, both at homes, offices, villas, and other places.

The use of wall reliefs from natural stone can also give a natural and natural impression so that the atmosphere of the house feels more calm. Not only that, an elegant and luxurious impression can also be radiated thanks to the use of wall reliefs made of natural stone.

You can choose various Balinese wall reliefs such as Mahabharata wall reliefs. This wall relief can add artistic value to the dwelling you occupy. Thanks to these advantages, many people choose to use Balinese wall reliefs as one of the decorations or elements that can provide a unique impression, expensive, elegant but at the same time looks more natural.

  1. Balinese Sculpture Carving Bali

statues are always synonymous with various interesting forms. One of them is a statue of Ganesha, one of the gods worshiped by the Hindu community. This god is the god of intelligence or knowledge. If you visit Bali, suppose it’s easy to find this one statue.

Statues themselves can function to beautify a room. In addition, statues can also be placed in various places, both indoors and indoors. Balinese statues made of natural stone are also fairly sturdy so they are not easily fragile and damaged. Statues Can Be Awake Even When Placed in the room.

  1. Balinese Losters

Have a Dream of a beautiful house, of course, you have to pay attention to every detail. Not only the walls, you also need to pay attention to the loster. Losters are small holes that are often used for air ventilation and light.

Losters have always been used to be placed on the top of the wall or on the fence. However, now, losters are also used to decorate or as decorations. Therefore, losters with Balinese carvings are also widely used because they have a distinctive beauty.

In addition, the loster can also be used as a substitute for windows, so that the appearance of the dwelling will be more aesthetic. Not only that, Balinese carved losters are also often applied as beautiful wall decorations. There are so many uses for a loster in housing, you just need to adjust it according to your needs.

Those are some types of natural stone carvings of Balinese that can beautify the room. For those of you who are looking for various Balinese sculpture carvings, Balinese wall reliefs, and losters with various beautiful motifs, you can directly place the order here. Contact us for more information and to place an order.